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Our Story

In a traditional 'Ohana household, similar to many other cultures, family around the dinner table brings a happy soul to the heart of your home. Ono Loa is about bringing everyone together to share memories and good food with your 'Ohana, while spicing up your usual recipes using our complex and bold seasoning parings. 

Sauces & Marinades Collection

Sauces + Marinades

The difference between our sauces and marinades is quite simple. It's based off of viscosity and the recommended time for marination to acquire that true 'onolicious flavour.

Discover our versatile lineup for your vegetables, meats, or maybe on the top of your favourite salad. 

Sauces are thick and require 1-3 hours of marinating. 

Marinades are much thinner and require 4-24 hours of marinating. 

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Seasoning Rub

Our Kumu Seasoning Rub is a great addition to your spice drawer. While it isn't quite spicy itself it contains a simple, yet complimenting variety of spices and herbs. 

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Rubs + Snacks

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