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From our 'Ohana Kitchen to yours ...

Ono Loa, a fusion of Hawaiian words, embodies the essence of both culture and cuisine. "Ono," meaning "good to eat," and "Loa," meaning "very," come together to celebrate the joy of delicious dining. This concept, rooted in the Hawaiian spirit, underscores the significance of great food and good company in representing a fulfilling life.
Drawing inspiration from the heart of traditional 'Ohana households, where family gatherings around the dinner table bring warmth to the home, Ono Loa is a reminder of the soulful connection that meals can foster. Just as in many cultures, the act of sharing food with loved ones creates cherished memories and reinforces the bonds that tie families together.
Founder Peter's childhood experiences in the Hawaiian Islands have guided the creation of Ono Loa's original recipes. Every sauce, marinade, and rub boasts the vibrant and succulent flavors found in authentic Hawaiian cuisine. The ingredients used pay homage to the cooking traditions of Hawaii, infusing each dish with a sense of place and heritage.
From our family ('Ohana) to yours, Ono Loa extends an invitation to savor not only the delectable flavors but also the rich cultural values it embodies. In the spirit of Hawaiian tradition, may your meals be a source of happiness and togetherness.


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